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Winzip 20.5 Build 12118 Free Download

TRIAL: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

A compression utility that is one of the most recognized

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Winzip is one of the three most recognizable file Compressors available for Windows users. The software has the ability to help you reduce the size of large files while storing these files in smaller folders.

All you need is to download Winzip on your computer and use it for free. Despite the rise of 7-Zip and WinRAR, Winzip has remained the preferred choice for so many users. The answer to this preference resides in the simplicity with which files can be compressed and decompressed.

A mode for everyone

From the get go, the free program gives you a choice between Classic mode and Wizard mode. Both modes are very easy to use but with distinctive features. For first timers, the Wizard mode would be the best option. The Classic Mode is more for seasoned and advanced users. Rest assured that both modes have the same exact features but displayed differently. The ability to control the compression ratios of files is one thing that Winzip will provide. The software will even let you associate a password to your files. Although storing files in Winzip is fast and easy, the compression rates are lower as compared to the rates on WinRAR. The other problem with Winzip is that files can only be saved in the Zip format.

To make it simple for users to monitor and administer their files, Winzip uses a redesigned ribbon. Winzip has an understandable language with some similarity to many office products. The user-friendly interface of the software is one more of its best assets. The free version of this tool has several decent functions that we loved. The bottom line is that Winzip remains the friendliest file compressor to download for everyone.

Winzip is a reliable mean for the compression of files in a safe environment.

  • Wizard based interface
  • Fast compression speed
  • Small size
  • Quick installation
  • Low compression rate
  • Only works with one compression format

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Version Extension Size Version Architecture Platform Download
winzip_en_64.msi msi 0.00B 20.5 Build 12118 64 bits Windows Download
winzip_en_32.msi msi 0.00B 20.5 Build 12118 32 bits Windows Download
winzip19-new.exe exe 693.18kB 19.5 32 & 64 bits Windows Download
winzip19-home.exe exe 1.03MB 19.0 32 & 64 bits Windows Download
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